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Smoking Cessation

The Smoking Cessation Workshop is one of the most requested workshops we offer. This workshop is a drug free, natural and safe way to help a group quit smoking through the power of Hypnosis. Mastermind Hypnosis not only helps participants deal with the physical aspects of quitting, but we also help address the emotional and habit side of the addiction. We help the group address the root cause of their desire to smoke and then help modify, break and get rid of the craving. This has proven to be a method of long lasting results to all participants without putting on unwanted pounds, being irritable and without having to avoid others who smoke. It can be especiallly easier to quit in a group of people because of the support and motivation individuals will receive from one another long after the workshop is complete. Complete the form at the bottom of the page to sign up your group for a Smoking Cessation Workshop.