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Putting to sleep myths about hypnotic trance

He didn’t swing a clock in front of my face. He didn’t say, “You are getting veeerrry sleeeeeepy.” And he didn’t make me cluck like a chicken, quack like a duck or secretly compel me – like the character in the comic film Zoolander – to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia.


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Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Anxiety, Sleep and more…

London Ontario Hypnotist Gilles Bernard is helping people lose weight, quit smoking, manage their stress, sleep better and a lot more. All this starting from an interest in hypnosis generated by seeing a stage show while in high school. Read on to find out more about how Gilles is helping the people of London Ontario.


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Using hypnosis to defeat bad habbits

When he’s not making people cluck like chickens, Gilles Bernard is helping some others with some serious issues. Bernard is a hypnotist. During the day he is a mild-mannored owner of London Hypnotherapy Centre. But Bernard has another side to him. He’s also a stage hypnotist..


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103Fresh Radio Interview

Dave was recently treated by Gilles at the London Hypnotherapy Center who told us he can help you too with your new year’s resolutions.

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