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While many choose to have one on one hypnosis sessions to help reach their goals, a group hypnosis workshop can be much more enjoyable. Group settings undoubtedly create camaraderie and mutual support for the participants which establishes a longer lasting measurable outcome for the individuals. Mastermind Hypnosis offers exhilarating, interactive and participatory workshops that focus on the groups’ goals and organizational aims. We tailor the content and structure of the workshop to the groups’ needs and long term objectives. Mastermind Hypnosis has presented workshops on topics such as Stress Reduction, Weight Management and Smoking Cessation. For more information on specific workshops, click on the links to left of the screen.

Workshops can be undertaken with as little as four people, to as many as twenty. Mastermind Hypnosis has coordinated Group Hypnosis Workshops in many regions of the world for private groups as well as groups within an organization or a company.

Through the use of the time tested and proven techniques of hypnosis, our workshops provide an enjoyable environment for empowered learning and stimulating change. They are highly structured and include a range of interactive activities, role-plays and discussions. We focus on helping each individual learn, practice and master the power they have within their own thoughts and mind. Mastermind Hypnosis workshops enable groups to use the power of hypnosis in their lives and make the changes they desire. To coordinate a workshop for your group, please use the form below.