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Corporate Seminars

In todays fierce marketplace, individuals and businesses need to excel above and beyond to thrive and grow. Mastermind Hypnosis offers a unique tool to help your organization propel to new heights of professional development; the tool of Hypnosis.  This time tested, powerful and proven tool can help you transform the immediate and long-term performance of your leaders, employees and organization.  By harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, Mastermind Hypnosis will rejuvenate, invigorate, educate and inspire individuals in your company to achieve incredible goals.

Mastermind Hypnosis has created and presented custom designed Corporate Seminars for many different types of businesses and markets around the world.  From small family owned businesses to large multi-million dollar organizations, and everything in between.

The success of our seminars is due in large to our elite instructor and hypnotherapists, Gilles Bernard.  Gilles is one of the world’s top-rated speakers and hypnotists.  He is highly skilled and passionate in hypnosis and he intimately understands the issues and challenges people face.  Through his proven teaching and facilitation skills, he will present a custom seminar that will immediately help attendees unlock their inner potential and empower them to achieve their goals.  Seminars can focus on specific goals such as:

  • Increased productivity and sales
  • Performing effectively under high pressure
  • Stress management
  • Enhancing communication
  • Successful leadership
  • Self-mastery
  • Focus
  • Ability to work effectively with others
  • Enhancing motivation
  • Team building
  • Personal health
  • Workplace wellness

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