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How Hypnosis Can Help Corporations Increase Sales

One of the biggest sales setbacks is due to a natural fear of rejection and taking sales rejection personally.  Many of our fears of rejection in the business world can be stemmed back as children and teenagers. This fear can begin with something as simple as being rejected by a date, not fitting in at school or never winning the approval of your parents.  Your subconscious mind (like a massive hard drive) records these experiences for years and years to come.  The emotional subconscious mind protects you from feeling hurt or humiliated again by resisting and attaching negative feelings to sales and rejection by making the thought of rejection personal.  All this is happening at a subconscious level so most people don’t even realize that they may have a fear of rejection and in turn feel unmotivated and unable to achieve their full potential.  Hypnosis has the ability to help you dissolve that fear and approach rejection in a completely different way.  By removing the fear of rejection through hypnosis, you will remove the emotional and personal attachment you probably currently carry with every potential sale.  This will have a direct impact on your motivation and success and will greatly increase your productivity and bottom line for your personal sales numbers and the company as a hole.

-Gilles Bernard, (CHt, CI)

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